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"One of our great limitations is our tendency to look only at the static picture, the one confrontation. We want one-picture answers; we want key pictures. But we are now discovering that they are not available."
--Buckminister Fuller

Mary Ann Copson
All About
Mary Ann Copson

Certified Licensed Nutritionist

Certified Holistic Health Practitioner

Brain Chemistry Profile Clinician

Health, Wellness, and Lifestyle Coach

Intuitive/Energy Healer

MA - Psychology & Counseling

MA - Human Development


Discover the wonders of living with…

The Evening Star and Cresent Moon.
The Evening Star and Cresent Moon.

An energized mind
A peaceful heart
A vibrant body
And a magical spirit.

All of what we do at Evenstar is anchored in the paradigm that health, wellness, and well-being are multi-dimensional and multifaceted. Our natural, innovative and expansive approach to health and well-being is holistic, evolutionary, integrated, balanced, and interconnected. We partner with you in reaching for a life in which you and your family are flourishing – vigorous, lively, luxuriant, prosperous, productive – a life in which you are thriving and experience sustained and profound health, happiness, and wholeness.

Every program and tool we use for healing at Evenstar is simply a bridge to help you restore your connection to your own ability to create what you want in your life, in your health, and in your well-being. We work both from the inside out and from the outside in.

Are you ready to step into the reality of what you are dreaming about?

Multi-dimensional Awareness, Traditional Herbal Wisdom, The Magic and Meaning of Herbs, Community Shamanic Herbalist trainingIf you are,will support you every step of the way in the key aspects of your life.

Enter through any of the Creative Transformational Living Gateways below:

Personal Growth, Development, and Evolution

Imagine Flourishing!

One-on-one and small group coaching initiatives designed to support you through all of life’s transitions and recapture your conscious awareness of yourself as the creative force in your life. Find out more at:

Mood and Energy Wellness

Brain Chemistry, Positive Psychology, and maintaining good moods. You feeling good is your most valuable personal resource. Find out more at:

The Earth Path School of Nature Centered Healing and Spiritual Practice

Contemporary rites of PassageMulti-dimensional Awareness, Transformational Archetypes, The Magic and Meaning of Herbs, Community Shamanic Herbalism, Traditional Herbal Wisdom. Find out more at:

Sacred Earth Path Medicine

Private Plant Spirit Healing Sessions, Personal Sacred Journeys, and Contemporary Rites of Passage. Find out more at:

Integral Health and Enlightened Wellness

Functional Health Tests

Powerful and crucial evaluations of the fundamental functioning in your body. Find out more at:

Green Medicine and Traditional Herbal Healing, Herbal Products CatalogHouses of Healing

Expansive and innovative approaches to profound and vigorous health and wellness. Find out more at:

Evenstar Herbs

Green Medicine and Traditional Herbal Healing, Herbal Products Catalog. Find out more at:

Are you ready to allow your own natural vitality, brilliance, creativity, compassion, and vision to emanate from a strong, healthy, and nourished body, mind, and spirit?

Imagine Flourishing - Life coaching to recapture your conscious awareness of yourself as the creative force in your life

Find out more about Evenstar and the founder of Evenstar, Mary Ann Copson at www.maryanncopson.com

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